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Congratulations to Dr. Mike Eisenmenger, AASV Practitioner of the Year
Swine Vet Center is pleased to announce that our very own "Dr. Mike" has been choosen as the 2017 American Association of Swine Veterninarians (AASV) Practioner of the Year recipient. This award is given annually to the swine practitioner (AASV member) who has demonstrated an unusual degree of proficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of veterinary service to his/her clients. Again, congratulations Dr. Eisenmenger.

SVC Swine Necropsy Day on Friday March 31. Call now to register! (507) 934-3970
If you're interested in participating in this HANDS-ON day of learning how to post a pig, what to look for and proper tissue submission technique, please contact our office by MARCH 15th to register.

Provide Ad-lib Feed to Improve Reproductive Performance
We commonly recommend providing ad-lib feed access to sows post-weaning and to gilts before breeding to improve reproductive performance. Dr. Brad Leuwerke summarizes 2 studies which evaluated this practice and showed just how important it is!

Update on Prolapses in Sows
Prolapses occurring during late gestation continue to be a concern for some sow herds. Prolapses can be rectal, vaginal or involve the urinary bladder, and in the most extreme cases an entire uterine prolapse will occur just prior to or during farrowing. A working group within AASV has been formed to attempt to define risk factors for the development of prolapses in pregnant sows. Although a definitive cause has not been defined, several risk factors have been suggested and should be evaluated within your herd if experiencing increased prolapses.

SVC congratulates the team of Tim and Erin Brenneman of Brenneman Pork, Inc. in Washington County, Iowa for receiving the 2016 Pork All American Award. They were honored at the Iowa Pork Congress banquet on January 25th. The Pork All American Award honors young producers who have achieved success in their business as well as leadership in their community, and it is the most prestigious award an individual producer can receive from the Iowa Pork Producers Association. Tim works in live production (primarily nursery/finishing) for the Brenneman family operation which consists of 29,000 sows, and also oversees the scheduling of market loads. Erin's specialty is in day 1 pig care in farrowing and starting pigs in finishing. She also oversees public relations/education and is heavily involved in social media for Brenneman Pork.

SVC is proud to work with the Brenneman Family and congratulates Tim and Erin on their well deserved award!

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