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Highlights from 2017 Leman Conference
SVC's Dr. Chris Sievers provides the following highlights from this year's Leman conference held on September 16-19
  • Dr. Bob Morrison Honored
    • Dr. Bob Morrison who was tragically lost this summer in a car accident was honored multiple times through out the conference. Dr. Morrison mentored many veterinarians, researchers, and production personnel throughout his career. He has made countless contributions to our industry, with the most recent being the Swine Health Monitoring Program (HMP) which is helping us measure the incidence of PRRSv, PEDv, and SVV breaks in the industry. Dr. Morrison's leadership in being a lifelong learner and collaboratively sharing information set the tone for this year's conference and serves as a great reminder for us all as what to strive for in our respective careers.
  • Biosecurity
    • Multiple talks and breakout sessions touched on the importance of biosecurity with a focus on transportation
    • Seneca Valley Virus
  • Sow Mortality
    • As outlined in last month's newsletter, an increase in sow mortality continues to be a focus of the industry. Some groups report sow mortality nearly doubling since 2013. No one clear answer has been found, but many topics were discussed.
  • SVC had a strong presence again this year at the conference with 4 presentations:
    • Dr. Paul Yeske presented 'Assessment of the Likelihood of Rate of M.hyopneumoniae Lateral
    • Transmission' and 'A Survival Analysis of M.hyopneumoniae Elimination'.
    • Dr. Laura Dalquist presented 'A Veterinarian's Perspective of Strep. Suis Over the Past Decade'
    • Dr. Jake Schwartz presented 'Lessons Learned from Recent SVV Outbreaks in Finishing Sites'

Ventilation Review
Correct ventilation is a very important piece of pig health and performance that is commonly overlooked. Some key pieces to look at to ensure that ventilation is working properly in your barn heading into fall and winter are outlined in SVC's September newsletter.

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