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Avoiding Anemia: Supplimenting Iron is Essential to Piglet Health and Performance
Pigs are born with very limited iron reserves (50 milligrams) and sow's milk is a poor source of iron, supplying about 1 milligram (mg) of iron per pig per day. For optimal growth, pigs utilize an estimated 7-16 mg of iron per day, depending on growth rate. As herds continue to become more productive with increasing litter size and piglet growth rate, it's important to evaluate iron supplementation practices to ensure that you avoid piglet anemia in your herd.

Research Review: Impact of Transmamary-Delivered-Meloxicam and Biomarkers of Pain and Distress in Piglets After Castration and Tail Docking
Effective Iowa State University researchers recently published the results of a study that investigated a method for delivering pain medication to piglets through sow's milk to explore potential approaches producers could use during castration and tail docking. Beginning on day 4 following farrowing, sow feed was medicated with meloxicam, a non-steroidal anti- inflammatory drug similar to aspirin. Milk and blood samples were obtained from sows twice each day. Piglets were processed on day 5 after farrowing. Blood was collected from piglets immediately prior to and following processing as well as twice daily each day after processing. All sows and piglets were euthanized and necropsied on day 8 after far- rowing. Piglet blood samples were evaluated for the presence of meloxicam and specific pain biomarkers: cortisol (released in response to stress) and prostaglandin E2 (contributes to inflammatory pain). Additionally, a thermography camera was utilized to measure changes in piglet skin temperature.

Congratulations to Minnesota Pork Board Award Winners!

  • SVC congratulates Wakefield Pork, Inc. on being a DOUBLE award winner at this year's Minnesota Pork Congress Awards Reception on January 20th.
  • Mary Meyer received the 2015 Swine Manager of the year award. She is manager for Wakefield Pork MP3 sow farm.
  • Wakefield Pork Pine Hill Boar Stud was awarded the 2015 Environmental Steward Award.
  • Congrats to Andy Kamm, Justin Wisch and staff!