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Boar Stud Manager's Conference
Dr. Darwin Reicks is reviewing take home messages from the 5th Midwest Boar Stud Managers Conference this month in St. Louis. The meeting is held every four years and is an opportunity for boar stud managers to learn new information, but most importantly, to network with others in the field. Often boar stud managers are on an island within their own company so the purpose of this meeting is to provide a platform for interaction with other boar stud managers from other companies as well as managers from independent boar studs. There were about 180 attendees from many different countries but the bulk of the audience was from Canada and the USA. Dr. Reicks was an invited speaker and gave two presentations at this year's conference:

  • So your boar stud has filters, now how do you stop disease from getting in?
  • Preventing Biofilm in the water, lab, and lab equipment.
This month's newsletter contains a review of some key presentations and take home messages from the conference:

Need Continued Vigilance on Seneca Virus A!
Just a reminder to keep biosecurity measures strictly enforced and remain vigilant for clinical signs of Seneca Virus A (SVA or Seneca Valley Virus). As seen in the chart below from the Swine Health Information Center on 8-19-16, new cases are being reported weekly from UMN, ISU and SDSU veterinary diagnostic labs, involving both sow and growing sites. SVA is a reportable disease and requires a full foreign animal disease investigation by officials from the State Board of Animal Health.

Clinical signs, which may include snout vesicles, acute lameness, ulcerative lesions on the hoof, off feed animals and high fevers,