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Ask our Pathologist
Many of you have inquired about recent Porcine Parvovirus (PPV1 and PPV2) testing on diagnostic cases submitted to the University of Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. Dr. Stephanie Rossow, who performs the gross pathology, determines testing to be completed, looks at microscopic lesions and summarizes most of your diagnostic cases, gives us explanations of recent Parvovirus testing.

Regulatory Updates
SVC thanks all of you for your cooperation in getting us the necessary information to help us meet the January 1st deadline for complying with the new VFD regulations. To give you an idea of how the new rules impacted our office, we issued 512 VFD's in 2016 (the majority of them in the last few weeks of the year) and 47 more in the first week of January 2017. This compares with a total of 136 VFD's that were issued in 2015.

Just a reminder that the FDA ban on powdered gloves went into effect on Jan- uary 18th due to a ruling that the gloves are considered an adulterated product and unsafe for use. Powdered gloves MAY NOT be sold or used after 1-18-17 and their use is subject to FDA enforcement action. There are many powder-free glove alternatives available, including latex, nitrile and vinyl options.

Review of a Study on antibiotic Resistant Bacteria on a Swine Farm
Just a reminder of how important judicious use of antibiotics in food animals really is.

Congratulations to the Compart Family
The Compart Family of Nicollet, MN. was awarded the 2017 Minnesota Pork Board award for "Family of the Year". What began in the mid 1950's as a business selling breeding stock through on-farm production sales has evolved into world class high health genetics and the development of the family's branded meat program, "Compart Family Farms Premium Duroc" (also known as "The Black Angus of Pork"). Success has allowed the 3rd generation to join the family business as well as carry on the tradition of strong work ethic and community service that the Comparts are widely known for.

SVC is proud to work with and congratulates the Compart families of Dean & Kaye, Jim & Diana, Chris and Rochelle, and their parents Bonnie and the late Richard for their outstanding contributions to the industry and this well deserved award! (Source: MN.Pork Congress magazine.2017)

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